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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – Selling at the Kitchen Table

As a business owner, until a sale is made, nobody has anything to do. Still we fear sales. We reject sales. “I don’t want to be a SALESperson.” As a consumer, we are afraid of being SOLD to. So you may find yourself at the kitchen table. Salesperson. Prospect. Cold icy wall between the two. Yet one of you has what the other one wants. Can’t we all just get along? Let’s face it. We love to buy and we love to sell…WHEN…the kitchen table is set properly.

Guest is Michael O’Grady, author of the best seller, Selling at the Kitchen Table, Michael wrote this book as a contractor for contractors who are motivated to understand the sales process at a deeper level. Well known in the contracting services industry for his high-volume tickets (over $2million a year for 7 years and counting) and his record-breaking and tenacious selling style, Michael O’Grady is an accomplished Sales Manager, Business Owner, Trainer and Contracting Consultant. He understands people…and shows how you can, too, for better and better sales.