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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – MY WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN! How do I make it right side up?

Today are you right side up or upside down? Sallie Felton interviews Deb Scott in learning how we can overcome some beliefs, change our attitudes and be more positive in a world where we feel upside down.

Deb Scott, Certified Professional Coach, specializes in working with individuals, businesses, and corporate environments, transforming ineffective group and personal dynamics into high-powered, successful, dynamic individuals and teams. A biology major in college, Deb became an award-winning sales and leadership specialist. With 20 years of background in cardiac surgery sales, she now applies her sales and business background to motivational speaking and consulting. She speaks and writes about how you can turn things around whether you’re in sales, marketing, advertising, hiring, or teambuilding. “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue – Turning Your Upside-Down World Right-Side-Up!” is her debut book.

No stranger to adversity, Deb “walks her talk” having experienced sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, others’ alcoholism, depression, being the sole care giver to both her parents, and financial devastation.