Love and Relationships

A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Future Visioning – Heal The Past and Design A Life and Relationships You’ll Love Now

Get help to quickly and joyfully heal your past and create the life you love using the blueprint revealed by guest,Ti Caine, creator of FutureVisioning, and host Hadley Finch, founder and

If you’ve ever blamed the past for your present circumstances or settled for a dull, frustrating love life, then put that behind you and change your life with a innovative process that you can do at home. Discover how to reverse illness and empower yourself to enrich your life and relationships using one brilliant new technique.

We’re not going to suggest outdated techniques that you may have used before without success. This is not more “Affirmations”, “Goal Setting,” “Positive Thinking” or telling you to just “Be In the Moment” because “Everything Happens for a Reason”.

This is about actually developing a relationship with Your Future Self. No Doctor, Healer, Coach, Seminar or Goals Program can teach you the FutureVisioning tm Process for tapping into the Incredible Power of The Future, because this process of working with the future has never been available before. In this episode, you’ll meet the man who created it and used it to help thousands of people heal the past and create a great new life right now.

You’ll hear how one couple on the brink of divorce over infidelity had used this technique to quickly forgive, start fresh and make their marriage better than ever.

You’ll find out how single men and women stop sabotaging love and marriage by using the process you’ll discover as host Hadley Finch chats with her guest, Ti Caine. He is known as the world’s leading expert on the Psychology Of The Future and creator of the Future Visioning tm Process. Ti explains how he personally used his process to heal his own life-threatening illness, and how he helps individuals, couples and organizations gracefully and quickly heal the past and joyfully and powerfully tap into the incredible power of the Future. Ti Caine offer’s Hadley’s listeners FREE tools to do Future Visioning at home. Find out how to claim your gifts as you listen to this life-changing episode of A Lasting Love.