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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – Paint by Numbers – Business Relationships That Make You Money

Business to business. B2B. We hear that term…but what does it mean? Co-op marketing? Multi-level? Is it a risk to align your reputation with someone else’s? Will you get lost in the shuffle? What about affiliate marketing? Is there a good reason to promote someone else’s business? What about YOUR business? Mary Kay Morgan is an expert in B to B, especially internet based affiliate marketing. B2B can be a paint by numbers approach to more sales, more profits. Learn how…now!

Guest: Mary Kay Morgan is a relationship marketing specialist and founder of Conscious Affiliate Network, the only affiliate and joint venture network plus “how-to” resource devoted exclusively to business owners like you – service-minded and 100% committed to quality and integrity! C.A.N. is your one-stop-shop for growing a large tribe of raving fan followers, becoming the go-to leader of your area of expertise, and making a bigger, much bigger, impact in your area of expertise.