Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Connecting Dots: College Baseball after Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Guest Joey Falcone, Staten Island College right fielder, is very appreciative & thankful to his coaches & teammates for their supportive relationship on & off the field. He told me their support is a key for making baseball fun. And it has paid off! This year Joey earned conference Rookie-of-the-Year honors & a spot on the All-Star team. Prior to this student-athlete chapter of his life, Joey served tours of duty in Kuwait, Iraq & Afghanistan including combat missions as a Marine Corps medic. The essence of his job: keep wounded soldiers alive. This show explores Joey’s unconventional path to college & back to the baseball diamond. Tune is for a lively interview about moving onward, upward and outward. Topics host, Jim Meier, discusses with Joey are:

1. Comparing baseball competition to serving in a war zone

2. Joey the HS player and Joey the college player…what’s the same? What’s different?

3. The decision to not re-up and instead return to civilian life, school and baseball

4. The value of military discipline and training

In the spirit of transparency, I have this bias. When military personnel return to civilian life, once properly guided and mentored, they make excellent employees and entrepreneurs.