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Eat, Exercise, Live – Sweet Dreams with NO Sleep Apnea

Please join us with Dr. Alan Schwartz of Johns Hopkins - Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine & sleep Medicine, researcher in obesity & sleep apnea pathogenesis. Dr. Schwartz explains to us the importance of our circadian rhythm, hazards of sleep apnea and other diseases that can piggyback, how obesity & alcohol both exacerbate sleep apnea. Sleep is a tightly orchestrated process between brain and body – not getting enough, quality uninterrupted sleep influences all aspects of our health, performance & productivity. We also discus narcolepsy, chronic insomnia, parasomnia, & how both travel & shift work can interfere with our circadian rhythm. We discuss how fat loss improves can help curb & sometimes completely eliminate sleep apnea by less pressure on the airways & by eliminating toxic hormones secreted by fat cells. Dr. Schwartz also explains CPAP & possible surgical procedures to manage sleep apnea – and we hear from our own Dr. Ortiz on how sleep apnea alters our ratio of blood gasses & how that jeopardizes our health.

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Dr. Ortiz of the Obesity Control Center, so dedicated to our healthy, fit, proactive lifestyle & a one of a kind heart of solid gold & medical consult here on Eat Exercise Live. Dr. Ortiz shares with us today his knowledge of obesity & sleep apnea & how fat loss is by far the very best way to get a healthy night’s sleep. Lack of proper sleep is just one more way obesity kills us. Obesity is a health hazard in so many different ways. If you missed it – check out the show with numerous patients of Dr. Ortiz & the OCC – hear how they rave how weight loss surgery gave them back their lives – share in the joy of where they all are now. Getting treatment from the very best can save your life & provide a quality of life never thought possible. As Dr. Ortiz says -once a patient of the Obesity Control Center – always a patient – they will guide you and support you long beyond surgery. Give yourself the opportunity and tools to lose that excess weight and live a fulfilling life. The Obesity Control Center has earned the prestigious recognition as an “International center for Excellence for Bariatric Surgeons.” And remember, Dr. Ortiz was voted by Newsweek magazine as one of the very best bariatric surgeons in the United States – clearly an honour he has dedicated his life to earning. Check out the very extensive video library – learn about procedures and meet patients OCC has changed their lives. Check out the OCC on Facebook. Or, go on YouTube and look up the fantastic video library for the Obesity Control Center. Dr. Ortiz and the entire staff at the Obesity Control Centerare fully dedicated to your health & proactive lifestyle. Please call 1-866-DrOrtiz (376-7849)