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Growing Great Families

Growing Great Families – Family Centered Parenting – Your GPS for the Parenting Journey

We have often made reference to our Family Centered Parenting process and book yet we haven’t fully explained Family Centered Parenting® (FCP). In this show we will start with an explanation of the general principles of the FCP approach.

Family Centered Parenting is a parenting program based on the notion that a child is part of a family system where all family members make choices to get their individual needs met within the context of the family unit. Parenting becomes need fulfilling for adult caregivers when they feel successful as parents through understanding their own needs, the utilization of effective communication skills and the implementation of the family meeting process as an essential element of family life.

FCP practices and strategies also empower children so that they too recognize that their behavioral choices are need fulfilling. Children learn to meet their needs through behavioral choices that are responsible, appropriate and consistent with the values of the family.

FCP is different in that, unlike other parenting programs and books, it is not narrow focused – meaning parenting for a particular trait or disorder. Nor is it a cookbook type approach which gives a specific response to a given situation. Instead, FCP starts with the “Why” before the “How.” By building on a philosophy of human behavior which informs us of how we want and should treat our children, FCP provides a firm foundation for our parenting practices. We talk about the importance of regular family meetings and how they serve as the cornerstone to the FCP process. We explain how family meetings are used to create a family mission statement, discuss and negotiate rules and solve problems. We close the show by sharing how FCP principles helped us in our personal parenting journeys.