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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – The Art of Staying Connected

This week on Marketing 4.0 Gary Kaskowitz ( interviews guest Shelley Ellis ( Shelley is a Client Performance Specialist at Online Performance Marketing ( and the creator of several successful newsletters and both public and private email lists.

In this episode of Marketing 4.0 you will hear powerful tips for creating connections and partners by following classic marketing principles applied to today’s fast-paced internet world. Shelley is expert at fostering online relationships with the experts and thought leaders in her industry. You will hear her advice on to properly reach out to experts while developing your own expertise in the process.

You will also hear Gary and Shelley discuss how to create a virtual “mastermind” group from both strategic and tactical perspectives. You will hear how Shelley successfully has applied classic and timeless relationship-building strategies in the Internet era to expand her network of influence far wider than was possible twenty years ago. Along the way you will pick up several invaluable tips for how you too can apply these principles to your business. You will learn the difference between a public and a private email distribution list along with the reasons you will want to build both. And of course, you will hear how to build these lists to get your business moving forward faster.

Building a strong business takes time, so don’t think that these are the same old “get-rich-quick” tactics you’ve probably heard a hundred times and are sick of. Rather, you will learn Shelley’s “stew-pot” method of building a strong network of connections that will serve you years into the future. You will learn the specific, step-by-step any small business owner or job seeker can take, starting TODAY, to build your own strong connections.

Listen in to Gary and Shelley as they discuss all this and more on Marketing 4.0!