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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Earning Media Coverage for Your Organization – 10/10/11

It’s a common complaint: Why doesn’t the media feature my nonprofit or cover the issues we care about? On this week’s show, we explore how you should connect to reporters, share your stories and engage the community in caring about your issues. My guests and I take the mystery out of working with the media and provide some very concrete advice and a great example of effective media relations.

My first guest is Cynthia Wallace of Media Storytelling Consulting. She is a media relations consultant from Austin, Texas who has been a reporter, editor and producer for major news outlets in the U.S. She describes well how journalists think and what they need from you to tell great stories. My second guest is Thom Clark, president of Community Media Workshop, a Chicago-based nonprofit that works to diversify the voices in news and public debates. He talks about his organization, provides tips for working with reporters, and an describes an upcoming Become a Spokesperson Rockstar webinar that you’ll want to register for.