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Renovation Bootcamp – Color Dilemmas

How do you choose what color to paint the walls in your home? Are you afraid of making a mistake and then having to live with a result you hate? Is there some kind of system or tool that could take the fear factor out of it? Host Robin Siegerman chats with Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs who reveals the inside scoop behind a new line of paint and the system she developed for picking and combining colors like the pros! You can find her 76 custom colors at Fine Paints of Europe and hear the very usual way she has of naming each shade!

But hold on! Just when you thought it was safe to pick a paint color that you love, along comes designer Judson Rothschild of Rothschild Interiors who has some controversial opinions and decrees that the only acceptable shade of paint for your walls is a version of white and don’t even THINK about using draperies or family photos as part of your décor because all they do is cause clutter that results in panic and anxiety! After personally suffering panic and anxiety attacks in his 30’s, he wrote the book Snap Out Of It! A Quck Guide To Overcoming Panic and Anxiety and applies the principles to the job sites.

“No wonder people are confused about how to successfully decorate their homes when even the pros disagree!” says Robin Siegerman. How on earth do you decide what to do? Robin gives you tips on how to approach it and what to look and ask if you do want to work with a designer or decorator.

Three renovation experts enter today’s show–who will leave unscathed?  It’s the most exciting, most controversial Renovation Bootcamp yet!  You’re not going to want to miss one second of this sizzling new show!