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Single Mom Talk Radio – Creating an Inspiring Life (by converting a hobby into a career) with Baby Steps

Your “to-do” list is waiting. It’s filled with family necessities like going to work, paying bills, cooking dinner, and doing laundry, but with very few—if any—truly inspiring line items. It’s filled with all the things you must do, not what you want to do! Sound familiar? Even worse—what if your job is a total downer, too!?

Research studies show that as many as six in ten people are dissatisfied with what they do. Today’s guest, Diane Halfman, isn’t one of them. Diane found herself a single mother of two girls by day and a San Diego police officer by night. Her job was risky, and she often worked the late-night shift undercover, dressed as a prostitute. One terrifying evening, a man pulled a gun on her. Thanks to her excellent training, she disarmed the gunman—but her life was never the same.

Soul searching questions followed. Was she happy? Was she living the life she wanted? What was she modeling for her daughters—doing a job you dread because you have to? Or doing work that brings you fulfillment and joy? Diane’s answers were clear, and they gave her the courage to leave the police department and build a career she loved. But she did it in baby steps. One step at a time, she traded in an uninspiring life for an inspiring one.

On this show you’ll hear about some of those baby steps that helped her convert her favorite hobby—organization—into a thriving business. A self-proclaimed “lifestyle organizer,” Diane leads a niche market. “I can whip a person’s life into order,” says Diane. “We start with the closets, the pantry, the family schedule, and then we move into scheduling in activities that inspire you, until your whole life becomes inspiring.” Why is Diane so good at this? She did it with her own life first. Consistent baby steps led to a total life makeover.

Today’s show will help you add more inspiration to your life by taking little steps forward. You’ll hear Diane’s recommendations, including a nighttime goal-setting and celebration exercise that you and your children can do together: an exercise that teaches kids—and Mommy!—how to set and achieve goals. “Inches turn into miles,” says Diane. “Fear of change is lessened when you see yourself making steady progress. The key is acknowledging and celebrating your wins.” This nightly exercise is just one of the powerful tools Diane will share.

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