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Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – The BioMeridian – East Meets West Health Technology

Sherry Woodward, shares information with us about the BioMeridian, a non-invasive health screening tool. This FDA registered system is an important tool to add to your arsenal for preventive health information. The computerized system, with an East meets West attitude, is a terrific way to learn about your breast health and other areas of your body. It provides a read-out of your body meridians (your electrical systems) and then gives important health implications, supplements and strategies to implement. The tool is a favorite of Dr. Bruce Shelton, M.D., who says, “The heart of my practice is the BioMeridian. It’s taken me to a new level as a physician.” Don’t miss Sherry’s information- it can change your health focus! Call (801) 889-2224 to locate the closest BioMeridian practitioner in your area.