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Word Patriots

Mark Seinfelt

Word Patriots – Dr. Turkensteen and Igor-Mark’s Creature

Halloween is just around the corner and today’s show marks the halfway point of our inaugural year at Web Talk Radio, a milestone of sorts for my producer Donnie “Turk” Schnars and me. We are going to use the occasion to look both forwards and backwards. In the past six months we have spoken to a wide assortment of word patriots and explored their work. We urge new listeners, those who have only just discovered our program, to stream or download our older archived episodes. Recording those shows, caught in the moment, we often taped more than we needed—extra questions, alternative readings, comic asides, off-the-cuff remarks and warm-up material which ended up on the cutting room floor. Today, we thought we would dip into our own private archive and create a new show from some of those unused gems. So Dr. Turkensteen and I have assembled a kind of Frankenstein creature out of leftover and spare parts. Highlights include Diane Ackerman reading an additional passage from “One Hundred Names For Love,” her 2011 memoir chronicling her husband novelist Paul West’s devastating stroke in 2004 and James Morrow and I conversing about Morrow’s current novel-in-progress, which concerns the naturalist Charles Darwin. The program will conclude with Ed Knapp reciting two more original poems and his daughter actress and Actors Studio Drama School faculty member Jacqueline Knapp reading Ezra Pound’s “The River Merchant’s Wife.” In the course of the program, I will also preview upcoming shows. Our listeners have a lot to which to look forward. The adventure is just beginning. If you would like to know more about my books, please visit my website: