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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Most One-Der-Ful Heart Sutra – Within

In the Buddhist tradition, there was a famous 2nd Century B.C. Boddhisatva named Avalokiteshvara, who decided to incarnate one more time. In order to pass over to all of man/woman kind – what became known as the Heart Sutra, or The Heart of Compassion Teaching. The ending poetic metaphor is his call to action or prayer: which goes, Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! And which in translation could be said to mean: Gone (or Whole Being Spirit Soaring); Gone (or Whole Being Spirit Soaring); Gone Beyond (or, So Soaring Through The Warm Whole of One’s Heart – As To Now Find One’s Inner Most Spirit Self Gone – Well Beyond the Ordinary Bounds of Mere Body Alone); Altogether Gone (Which is To Say – Now So Open Heart Spirit Soaring Beyond All Bounds – That I Now Actually Can Greater Sense My Highest Most Aware Self – Able to Reach All My Way Out To Infinity & Beyond); All Hail Awaken (or Hail All of You From This Place of Greater Awareness – I Now Call Upon My Own Buddha Spirit Nature & Indeed All Inner Buddha Spirit Natures to Fully Awaken – Into That Limitless No Boundaries Empty – While At The Very Same Time Most Unitary Full of Pure Spirit – Great Whole Essentially Unlimited Singular Most Field – Which Is of At-One-Ment Consciousness Itself). How absolutely Precious! Positively relevant to all Great Religious Perspectives – Today!