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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – On Becoming Tornado Cowboys with Paul Pantone This week’s show is a continuation of Adam’s conversation with inventor and GEET developer, Paul Pantone.

GEET (, which involves the use of plasma energy, which is considered the fourth state of matter, is natural, and works in accordance with natural forces. When we understand, respect, and work with those forces, amazing transformations are possible. We have numerous examples to point to.

Few will forget the fury by which the town of Joplin, Missouri was leveled via tornado activity in 2011, resulting in damages estimated at $3 billion and 117 lives. The state of Alabama sustained $5 billion in damages and almost 500 people lost their lives when it was carpeted with 148 tornadoes. We play cat and mouse with various “science” programs that encourage thrill seekers to chase storms, including tornadoes, but gain no insights on how to master them.

Paul Pantone shares such insights with GEET.

Tornado taming isn’t the only way that Pantone’s GEET methods can be helpful. Anyone want to talk about taming radioactive waste material?

Listen to the show, which is also a preview for a video product that Adam is producing of the entire roughly 4-hour dialogue, titled, Indelible Promise (, available December 1, 2011.