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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Back To Basics Fitness with Michael George

Welcome back to Michael George. Fitness Expert, Health Coach, Celebrity Trainer, Speaker & Seminar Leader, & author of Body Express Makeover & the upcoming Fuel for the Body & Soul. Michael will be joining us to share his contagious passion for health, vitality & fitness. Michael & I will be discussing fitness myths, exercise adherence, clean nutrition & fitness for disease prevention. We share the joys, highs, challenges & more joys & rewards of living a fit lifestyle, how with the right attitude & goals – a beautiful physique will follow – but setting the proper goals are key. Michael teases us with his upcoming book – and takes the cliche out of “Mind Body Connection” – really demonstrating living it! We discuss working with our own body type, different exercise requirements for different levels of conditioning, physiological necessities of muscle mass, why thousands of sit ups won’t give you those 6 pack abs, nutrition as a must for exercise & reaching our capacity – developing our potential in many aspects of our lives. Fitness is for mind, body & soul. Join us …..Not just for his seriously great looks – but he is a brilliant expert & a really nice guy! Follow Michael on Twitter & Facebook – get daily exercise tips and videos – from the pro.

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Dr. Ortiz of the Obesity Control Center, so dedicated to our healthy, fit, proactive lifestyle & a one of a kind heart of solid gold & medical consult here on Eat Exercise Live. Obesity is a health hazard in so many different ways. If you missed it – check out the show with numerous patients of Dr. Ortiz & the OCC – hear how they rave how weight loss surgery gave them back their lives – share in the joy of where they all are now. Getting treatment from the very best can save your life & provide a quality of life never thought possible. As Dr. Ortiz says -once a patient of the Obesity Control Center – always a patient – they will guide you and support you long beyond surgery. It is far more affordable than you know. Don’t let cost stop you from making this life saving decision. Give yourself the opportunity and tools to lose that excess weight and live a fulfilling life. The Obesity Control Center has earned the prestigious recognition as an “International center for Excellence for Bariatric Surgeons.” And remember, Dr. Ortiz was voted by Newsweek magazine as one of the very best bariatric surgeons in the United States – clearly an honour he has dedicated his life to earning. Making that first call – is the very hardest part – after that – the staff of the Obesity Control Center will be there for you, guiding you – you will know you made the very best decision. Please call 1-866-DrOrtiz (376-7849)