Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Guns, Game and Quail Balls

The first EPIC Outdoor Game Fair was held by Safari Club International and Quail Unlimited at the Foxhall Resort near Atlanta. This event featured fine guns, sporting clothes, wines, outdoor activities and Alabama Black Belt quail balls.

Sprawled over more than 1,000 acres, the first EPIC Game Fair sought to bring a European game fair experience to the U.S. by offering a sampling of outdoor-related activities ranging from fox hunting with hounds to 5-stand shotgun shooting. Not only were hunting-related activities such as shooting and archery presented to the public, but boating, archery, dog training and ATV activities were also available.

First off, Hovey caught up with old friend Margret Hice and she outlined the evolution of the Tree Lounge Tree Stand company and her, and husband Bobs’, sometimes hilarious experiences filming videos to advertise their products. These evolved into two movies, “The Red Neck Hunting Club” and “Hunting Moonshine Island,” which are classics of outdoor advertising. Unfortunately, Tree Lounge closed its operations this past Spring.

Being an unabashed Gun Nut, Hovey was much taken with the more than $5,000,000 worth of fine shotguns that were available for sale. These included Holland & Hollands, the best makers in Europe as well as the finest examples of America’s gun-making arts. Many of these guns were priced at over $10,000 and several were in the $100,000 range. Fine shotguns dominated the displays, but there were also big-game rifles and historic pieces.

A reformulated John Rigby & Co., who relocated to the U.S. a decade ago, announced their intention to reintroduce the classic Rigby bolt-action rifle in .416 and .275 Rigby for African and deer-sized game. These guns are to be made in the U.K. Availability and pricing will be announced in January, 2012.

Other interviews include a discussion with Jack Jansma of Wingshooting Adventures about the proper characteristics of a shootable double gun and the uses of the 24 gauge, which is a gauge that is almost unheard of in North America. There is also a follow-up with Bill Hadfield of Robin Hollow Outfitters on how one shotgun can be worth over $100,000 as a piece of art and why people purchase such guns.

Other aspects of the arts are not neglected and Hovey also interviews Albany, Georgia, artist David Lanier who does ultra-realistic paintings of sporting scenes, dogs and landscapes.

Changing focus for the cooking section, Hovey introduces Pear Slap, a fermented pear product that is about 14 percent alcohol and has it tasted by Lance Ferguson of B.B.G. Wines who imports German wines. Alabama Black Belt Adventures who presented fired quail balls (quail salad in more polite company) to passers by. These are made from cooked shredded quail that is mixed with pimento cheese and deep fried and served with a cut salad.

Ads on this week’s show include Misty Mange, The hair care product that you and your pet can share, and SIN, Inc., who produces eatables made from the best of coal tars, petroleum and agricultural waste by-products that may be used to make anything from lamb steaks to spinach.