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Liberated Living – “The Apocalypse Within: The Inner Meaning Of The Revelation” w/Guest Author Vincent DiTizio (Part 1)

The book of Revelation is a book of the bible that is often associated with the: Second Coming Of Christ, Rapture, Tribulation, Anti-Christ, and other apocalyptic interpretations. Revelation may be the most misunderstood book of the bible that conjures up various theological debates on its meaning to the Christian and to the world. It is a book that has often paralyzed people because of its doom and gloom predictions by supposed experts of the bible. Listen and download part 1 of this interview with guest author Vincent DiTizio who presents a differing interpretation of the book of Revelation according to the Aramaic language and culture of Christ. Vin DiTizio is a self-taught Bible scholar who has used his 30 years as a night doorman as a monastery. Not being restrained by the particular theology of any divinity school has left him with a great freedom in the study of early Christianity.

“Do you want to know what the first Christians believed about the Revelation? (It might not be what you think!) Do you know how to use the imagery in the Revelation to cleanse your spirit and bring you closer to God? Do you know that the visions of the Revelation can make the message of Jesus sink deeper into your soul? Do you know how? Here you will find a path to a closeness with God that comes directly from the pages of the Revelation of John.”

This is a must read as it will awaken you to the inner meaning of the book of Revelation and it’s symbolic meaning to your life!