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Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – Changing the Impossible to Possible

Program description: Dr. Mercy interviews Amanda Devine about her motivational system based on transforming the mind through a simple formula routed in Quantum Physics. She used her studies to transform her own fibromyalgia and chronic debilitating pain into a complete cure. She now coaches others in this amazing method. She wants us to know that we can all heal ourselves and achieve peace and magic in this life. Dr. Mercy questions her about her belief system, her incredible energy, and her commitment to others. Amanda discusses her own transformation from chronic pain to cure.

Amanda has a history behind the Iron Curtain in Poland, complete with escape, a long period of suffering and debilitation from a car accident, and has since achieved a life beyond her wildest dreams. She is a Master of Advanced Life Concepts with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Poland and a busy coaching practice both on-line and in office showing people how to change the impossible to the possible. She creates an incredible interest due to her unique approach based on Quantum Physics. A biography Behind the Iron Veil by Mike Houston is available at Barnes and Nobel. Her motivational messages are sent to people in 110 countries. Her blog amandadevineblog.com has over 100,000 hits a month. She offers free consultation at her web site www.totallyuniqueideas.com.