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Video Games: Brain Gain or Drain?

Jayne Gackenbach Ph.D.

VideoGames: Brain Gain or Drain? – Teaching Experts: From Gamers to Lifelong Learners

This interview is with Dr. Jose Zagal, who is with DePaul University. He is the author of Ludoliteracy. In his article in Game Studies, “Novices, Gamers, and Scholars: Exploring the Challenges of Teaching About Games”, Dr. Zagal explains his doctoral dissertation research. The field of game studies is rapidly growing and in this interview we talk about the challenges of teaching “experts”, that is hard core gamers, about the field of gaming. This of course has broader implications for anyone taking classes as an adult who brings to bear various expertises through a life lived. You’ll learn about the challenges faced by “gamers” and lifelong learners as well as how a naïve understanding of games can lead to problems both for the students, instructors and the public.