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Ambitious Entrepreneur – Cloud Computing: Can the cloud really help my business?

Picture this.

You’re working away at your computer preparing a proposal for a major contract. Midway through typing a sentence, the cursor stops; a deafening screech blasts out from the speakers; and you’re facing the blue screen of death.

Can you relate?

Unfortunately many ambitious entrepreneurs can. And, because you don’t regularly backup our data, you keep your fingers (and toes) crossed as you reboot your computers hoping that you can retrieve and access all of your information. Because, should this hardware malfunction be a serious one, you’d have no way of recovering several months of important business records as it’s been ages since you last did a backup.

If you’re guilty of not backing up your data regularly, you’ll want to listen to today’s show as our guest has a simple, yet effective piece of technology that can backup your data automatically.

Annemarie Cross is joined by Jenn Reed from Ask the Half Geek to talk about cloud computing and how the cloud can help your business. She recently authored the book Office 365 for Dummies which is based on Microsoft’s latest cloud technology.

Jenn explains how cloud computing providers (such as Office 365) can deliver applications via the internet which businesses can access from web browsers, desktops and mobile devices. We are also able to store our business software and data on these remotely based servers, which means that if our computer hardware crashes, we don’t have to worry about our information getting lost. Everything is stored securely at the remote location.

Jenn also tells us how cloud computing can optimise our efficiency, especially if you have multiple staff working from various locations. Each team member can easily access business data from their own computer, without the need to be at a central office. And that’s not the only benefit of cloud computing. Backups can be done automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

If cloud computing seems too technical and confusing or unaffordable for your small business, you need to listen to today’s call as Jenn explains what cloud computing is (in non technical/non-geek terms), the benefits cloud computing has for your business, and how you can access cloud computing (in particular Office 365) at a very affordable price.