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Eat, Exercise, Live – Fitness Trends

Being at The Club Industry show in Chicago last week, there is so much great information out there to share. Join me as we discuss the newest fitness trends, medical fitness, new equipment designed to give us an even better workout, tools to help us track our nutrition – and more and more scientific evidence proving how our fitness level protects us from chronic disease & is the very best tool we have to control our future health. Learn about medical fitness, cancer care, how the fitness industry is trying to attract varied populations, elliptical training, rowing, nutritional guidance programs & how to look for that perfect, affordable fit in a fitness club. We hear from Cancer Fit-care, Vitabot, Octane Fitness, Charter Fitness Clubs & Water Rower, and the Editor of Club Industry Magazine. Dodging exercise (no time is NO EXCUSE) is contributing to your demise. Fitness is our fountain of youth & health. The energy at that show could light up every smile on every face on this continent. If you say you don’t like exercise – its because you haven’t found your fitness turn on yet. Let us help you out – that is what we all do best. Join us to hear all the latest & greatest in fitness – find your passion!

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