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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick author of” Life Is No Coincidence- The Life and After Life Connection” welcomes Hollister Rand, a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient healer and medium from California and author of “I’m Not Dead, I’M Different.” Hollister has used her immense abilities and spiritual gifts to aid and assist many parents who have experienced the painful loss of a child and shown them that their beloved children remain alive in a different dimension beyond the physical earth plane. Kids in spirit teach us through their wisdom and love how to accept their passing, and to use our time for appreciating and enjoying life as the divine gift it is. In today’s discussion Sheryl and Hollister, as healing mediums, will shed further light on how mediums work using their unique life experiences, and as a result are actually sought out by individual Spirits who feel more in tune with one medium rather than another, for relaying messages to their living relatives. This in no way means one medium is better than another, just that the soul connects in a stronger way to a particular medium and is able to get their message through. Furthermore, Hollister and Sheryl will share how mediums who attend workshops and interact with other professionals refine and expand their own proficiency and effectiveness to channel divine messages. All spiritual growth and awareness ultimately enables us to know that life is ongoing and eternal, whether in a physical body or in an energy dimension after this life.

Hollister will share a constant and repetitive message from the young people who have passed. They wish us to know they are in motion as they were in life, and have no regrets about leaving their physical life and they share hope, love and forgiveness with everyone. Hollister discusses sensitive issues such as suicide, accidents, and illness which often create heavy emotional trauma for the parents, siblings and friends left behind. Through sessions with both Sheryl and Hollister both mediums feel and express how grateful the children were to have experienced their lives regardless of how short their life was. The children also express they were guided by other souls with great love, as they departed. Even the souls of children never born into a physical life because of abortion, miscarriages, or stillbirth are alive and evolving

and with loving families. As all spirits, whether young or old, who cross time and space to deliver a message through a medium, they simply want to heal broken hearts, change our view about life and death, and resolve any unfinished business with their families. Mediums as healers and educators wish to serve humanity. A main motivation is to help others appreciate both life and death as a continuous cycle of energy and expansion.