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Liberated Living – “The Apocalypse Within: The Inner Meaning Of The Revelation” w/Guest Author Vincent DiTizio (Part 2)

One of the original meanings of the Revelation was that the entire story happens inside us. All of the beasts and destruction are parts of our sinful nature being destroyed as we get closer to God. In this book you will find: How each image in the Revelation is a personal message to you,telling you how to get closer to God; Simple, practical, and proven methods from the earliest Christians that will make the power of God a reality in your life.

Listen and download part 2 of this compelling and profound interpretation of the book “The Apocalypse Within: The Inner Meaning Of The Revelation” by author Vincent DiTizio. A sample excerpt of the book highlighting the meaning of SEALS in the book of Revelation states, “REMEMBER THAT THE seals keep the scroll from opening.These seals are going to show you the errors in man’s thinking that keep him from seeing the full nature of God. Be forewarned that this may not be easy. If you are holding out hope that you can stay the way you are, you may want to close this book now and try to forget the whole thing. If you have the courage to let the Lamb show you the depths of your erroneous thinking then read on. Be forewarned, however, that once these seals are broken you may never be the same again. You may never be able to engage in this erroneous thinking without knowing that it separates you from God. You may never know peace until you let God dissolve it entirely.”

Vin DiTizio is available for talks and workshops on the following topics: The Inner Meaning of the Revelation, Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina, & Christian Nature Walks.