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Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon

Naturally Vibrant Living – A Natural Way to Safeguard Your Health – Are You Doing Enough of it?

In our pursuit of optimum health, there may be one avenue to it that we tend to overlook – and, sadly, even disrespect. And yet it performs so many beneficial functions for our health and well-being. Do you allow yourself to get adequate sleep? Or do you feel that you can either forego adequate sleep or shortcut it with impunity? And are you aware of the research findings that have come out in the past several years on sleep? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, a pioneering sleep research, Professor Emeritus of Rush University Medical Center’s Graduate College Neuroscience Division, and author of The Twenty-Four Hour Mind. Dr. Cartwright shares her considerable knowledge with us on how inadequate sleep affects our health, as well as some useful recommendations on how to increase your chances of falling asleep quickly. This information is not only vital to your health, but long overdue.