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Ripley Radio – The Door to Nowhere, Missile Mail & Ripley’s Food Drive

Birdsville Australia is so far from anything and everything it is lovingly referred to as the Front Door to Nowhere! Travel writer Cynthia Clampitt joins us this week and tells us all about her experiences in this unbelievable part of Down Under.

Can you believe that at one time, the US Postal Service thought the future of mail delivery might be by missiles? Marc Hartzman tells us about the government’s early attempts at rocket-powered missile mail.

Additional random amazements discussed this week:

• Edward discusses Cristerna, the lawyer lady from Mexico who is better known as the Vampire Woman. She visited Ripley’s art department last month and will soon be the newest member of the Ripley wax figure family. Tattooed, sharp teeth and body modifications makes this barrister one scary looking person.

• We hear that Hurricane Irene wiped out a great many pumpkin patches in the Northeast USA, creating a pumpkin shortage this Halloween season.

• Ralf talks about the major Halloween happenings at Ripley attractions around the country, including the “Boo-Lieve It or Not! Slumber Fest” at the Ripley’s Odditorium on Times Square in New York City.

• Angela shares a poll where people were asked what they couldn’t live without. This one major finding makes this entire poll unbelievable: More people could do without flush toilets than without Facebook!

• Intern Abby points out that Japan’s population is aging rapidly, but that the country has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. That means more 100-plus year old citizens than anywhere else!

• AND we hear the weird story of a bunch of guys who drove around town with their dead friend in the back seat of the car – all while stopping for drinks and dinner using their dead friend’s credit card!