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The Optimistic Muslim

The Optimistic Muslim – How Should Muhammad’s Followers Make A Better World?

There’s a reason why Wahida Valiante is one of the world’s 500 Most Influential Muslims. After a 40 year career of social activism, she knows a thing or two about what’s wrong with the world, and how we can all help to make it better. And she’s finally put that all together in one place in her new book A Mosaic Of Thoughts available on Amazon! Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks with Sr. Wahida about the evil depths humankind can sink to–with genocide being the deepest depth of all!–and the hope that faith and authentic Islam can bring when practiced by hands that know and love it best.

“People are people: We all struggle with the same things, we all want the same things, we all use the same excuses; so just cut to the chase, figure out what the real issue is, and get to it,” says Dr. David Liepert, paraphrasing Wahida Valiante.  So why can’t we all just get along?  Dr. Liepert and Wahida examine various explanations and translations as to why god would divide people into different tribes, different nations, and different sexes.  Is it really to “know” one another?  Or is it a message of tolerance?

Wahida Valiante also discusses what went into the making of her book, A Mosaic of Thoughts, and how her background as a family therapist came into play.  Learn how Wahida was able to use her experiences working with abusive men to her advantage–and how she was able to transform those same experiences into a religious context.

But what is really expected of Muhammad’s followers?  And how many of those expectations should we actually strive to live up to?

God made us to rejoice in and learn from our differences! Knowing that, you can start to make a real difference today.  Tune in to hear how!