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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – The Masters of Distraction–Think Occupy Wall Street, The Iraq Pull out, The Iranian Terror Plot, and Obama’s “Job” Bill is THE News? Not Hardly. Wait til you hear about the 5 billion to Additional doomed, nepotistic–and Foreign alternative energy firms, the Euro Crisis, and The All Time High “Misery Index.”

They must think we are sheep, dumb sheep at that. They have certainly fleeced us for decades, and the fleecing not only continues unabated, but at an accelerating pace. Think Solyndra, LightSquared, and Lightsource–to name a few–have nothing to do with elections, payback, Occupy Wall Street, Soros and Van Jones? Think again–these dots are so closely aligned one does not need to draw a line between them. Think they are focused on cutting spending? Hah! Fed expenditures are up 5% for the year, 93% for the ten years (the bulk of that since January 2008) and state money dole outs are up 72% for the same time period.

Girlfriends on boards, administration insiders getting hundreds of millions of our dollars, and highly touted “green jobs”–to the extent they exist–springing up in foreign lands with our tax money. And there’s more you haven’t heard–but that is Reid’s job–to tell you. The media doesn’t bother to find out or tell, and this government is only too happy to sweep the sordid dirt under the carpet (with the broom you bought them) while they distract you with nonsense. Your eyes will roll, your jaw will go slack–but there is a simple four step solution, even if they are intentionally not implementing the fix.