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Talk for Food

Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – BANNED Natural Sports Products, TeslaTech Vision

As his series of conversations from the TeslaTech Conference comes toward its end, Adam speaks with Christopher Key (, who shares some of the remarkable achievements that have been made in the sports world by athletes and teams that have used their holographic technology.

They include not one, but two NCAA championships in football, and another (Univ. of Hawaii) that had been a perennial patsy become a powerhouse.

Yet, some of his products have been banned by the NFL. Adam wonders out loud why products that show such dramatic improvements among people who are in generally good health are never part of the conversation when it comes to people who are sick.

You won’t want to miss Adam’s thoughts on possibility and perception, and the debate on the “spin” that is being woven around former Apple chairman, Steve Jobs’ passing.

The show concludes in an informal confab with TeslaTech co-founder, Steve Elswick and a group of supporters that include Marqui Rodin, Tyler Posey, and Marko Rodin himself.