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Eat, Exercise, Live – Discipline Dazzles

Hit the orange “b” on the show page here and take a look at my guest today Nicole Wilkins, 2 time IFBB Figure Olympia Champion. This is the picture of a person who has not had fast food in 10 years, does not drink alcohol, exercises faithfully, eats a seriously clean diet, redefines self discipline and her healthy, fit lifestyle is on her mind 24/7. Nicole & I discuss what self discipline means, food preparation to save time, money & health, the importance of positivity in our lives & integrating healthy goals into our lifestyle. Nicole shares with us her training during competition as well as off season. And don’t let photos scare you off – Nicole spills the secrets of why she looks so pumped – ladies – we don’t want to hear the excuse of not resistance training because you are scared you will get “ripped”. Nicole has overcome challenges in her life – she did not win the genetic jackpot, it took 10 years to achieve this look – not “6 weeks to a bikini body” as magazine covers will tell you. She is an inspiration – and a strong as her beautiful physique clearly is – I promise you her mental strength & focus are much stronger.

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