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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – A Call for MoreEthical Marketing

This week Gary Kaskowitz ( takes the opportunity to get something off his chest when it comes to marketing, especially political marketing. All too often marketers lose sight of what their messages actually mean to others and how to get proper feedback. Oftentimes this confusion is intentional, as is the case for many politicians and some business owners. Other times it is accidental, but non-helpful nonetheless.

In this week’s episode Gary takes the time to remind us what makes for productive communication with our audience as well as the necessary feedback we all need from time-to-time. He points out the three things that you must do in order to communicate with your audience in an ethical and effective manner. By reiterating the idea that we should all be ethical and relationship-oriented in our marketing efforts Gary shows us how we benefit both our customers and ourselves. If you really want to explode your sales and brand in an ethical and above board manner, then you need to remind yourself of these principles on a regular basis. Come take the ethical marketing pledge with Gary and really deliver maximum value to your audience while getting back the value you deserve.