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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Exploring a moneymaking venture, or social enterprise, for your organization – 10/31/11

Contributions from foundations, individuals and government sources can ebb and flow with the economy. It makes considerable sense, then, to create a social enterprise in your nonprofit that helps sustain the organization in good times and bad. According to Rolfe Larson of Rolfe Larson Associates, the strongest non-profits in the 21st century will have a solid moneymakng strategy in addition to a traditional fundraising strategy. What are the characteristics of non-profits with successful social enterprises? What kind of board members do you need? Do you have to have a business degree to make it work? On this show, Rolfe Larson provides a very helpful overview of what it takes to initiate a social enterprise in your organization. Rolfe not only consults with non-profits about this but has written a book on the subject: Venture Forth! The Essential Guide to Starting A Moneymaking Business in Your Non-profit Organization.