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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Lucid Dreaming:- Awake when Asleep.

Dreaming is not easily understandable, and lucid dreaming which does happen to many people occasionally, used to be considered paranormal. But psychologists started to study it 100 years ago and there is now considerable understanding. 30 years ago, studies in the UK and that Stanford University in the U.S. both discovered that lucid dreaming occurs during normal REM sleep. It is when a sleeper is aware of a different type of dream, and is able to direct his own attention, even signalling by eye movement to a researcher when the rest of the body is paralysed. But my guest Beverley D Urso, is a natural lucid dreamer who helped in the research at the Stanford Sleep Laboratory with Stephen La Berge many years ago. Not only that, she is psychic and has learned to use telepathy and healing while dreaming. Furthermore she has learned to bring the lucid state into daytime consciousness with good effect. Visit: and Apparently lucidity is not uncommon, as about half the population claim to have had a special strange dreaming experience after a day of high emotion and arousal.