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Spiritual Renaissance

Spiritual Renaissance – “Have, do, or be anything”……with the help of Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls?????

Can you really tap the power of the “unseen world” of the Supernatural, Paranormal or the Metaphysical? And use that power to create the life of your dreams? This Halloween Special show clearly explains how and why ghosts (or Earth-bound spirits) are real, and NDEs (and other such “spooky” or “mysterious” phenomena) prove the existence of an infinitely powerful soul.

In other words, listen to THIS “frighteningly” good show to find out how and why you are NOT a limited physical being, but that you are an eternal and infinite; an unlimited spiritual being who is, very easily, capable of creating a life of your dreams! Let the NOT-so-scary REAL spiritual realm help you in your goals! (Warning: However, I do warn you of the fact that you may become “afraid, very afraid,” once you know how much power you really do have!!)