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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Think Europe is Far Away–Doesn’t Matter–Simply That Continent Across the Sea? Wrong. The Countries There are The States Here…Greece is California. Some Scary Facts/Figures They Have Not Told You, and What happens When the Entitlement Rubber Meets the Reality Road at the Municipal Level. Not a Forecast–It is Happening Now

The PIGS in Europe (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) are countries that have gone broke via loss of production, growth in government and out of control entitlement–pensions, pay, welfare, health care. The countries over on the continent are to the European Union what the states are to America. Unfortunately the parallels–all frightening–don’t end there. What many don’t know is that the first cracks in the armor of stability, government service, and fiscal responsibility–or lack thereof–don’t manifest themselves at the state or country level–they rear their ugly heads at the county, city, and town. Think your local government is solvent? Think the cops will be there when you call? The garbage will be picked up? The library will be open? Better do some homework in the city hall near you and see just how big a problem your community has. Hopefully, it will not be quite as far gone as Harrisburg, Pa., Vallejo, Ca, or San Jose, Ca.