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The Danchise & The Football Ranter

Football Ranters – “Week 8 Recap”

The Ranter can’t say “Peter King” in this week’s episode, while The Danchise continues his crusade to have Tony Romo exposed for the awful quarterback that he is. In addition to recapping all the NFL action from Week 8, your valiant hosts unveil two new segments: “The Opening Rant” and “Fantasy Corner with The Danchise.” From Tim Tebow to Nick Hardwick, we leave no stone unturned and no sensibility unoffended in covering everything on the gridiron. As usual, you can expect to hear about the return TD of the week in our weekly “HOUSE” segment, as well as a complete rehash of the biggest football boner we could find in “You ****ing Suck.” Stick around to the end for our Week 9 picks, which are revised every Saturday on the official Football Ranters blog.