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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Discover Your Niche & Entrepreneurial Style

Running your own business and being your own boss is something that many ambitious entrepreneurs dream about.

However according to Annemarie Cross’s guest Sherrie Koretke – The Niche Clarity Coach, if you haven’t defined and taken into consideration your niche (in particular what you are passionate about and your life’s mission and purpose) in the planning stages of your business, you may just find yourself becoming over-stretched when managing and running your business.

Learn why it’s important to be compassionate to your niches needs. If you’re not, then you’ll probably find yourself struggling to effectively market and promote your business as you won’t have much to say. In fact, no compassion to your niche will also make it extremely difficult to connect with your them – and it’ll show!

Sherrie talks about three Entrepreneurial styles and why it’s important to understand which style resonates with you so you can operate your business effectively.

Are you an Empire Builder – the entrepreneur who longs to create a million dollar (or more) empire? Or perhaps you resonate with the entrepreneurial style of Freedom Lover, the entrepreneur who values their ability to live a particular lifestyle. Maybe you have young children that you want to take care of, or your love of travel is something that’s very important to you so you want to run your business around your lifestyle. Or maybe, your entrepreneurial style is that of Altruistic Visionary – someone’s whose purpose is to help others who are not in a position to be able to support themselves?

Being a solopreneur and working by yourself means that you need to find your motivation from within. “If that’s not big enough and outside of yourself”, say’s Sherrie “… you’ll find it very hard to keep motivated to find new prospects and convert them into clients.”

In fact, if you’re already struggling in your business, you may just recognize that you’re not following a business model that fits and aligns with your unique entrepreneurial style.

So, which entrepreneurial style are you?