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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Letters from the Mailbag

During this episode Coach Jaynine answers your questions. Are you having trouble staying focused? Coach Jaynine offers listeners a free download to identify where or how you are spending your day. Do you want to know the #1 mistake people make using social media or why most businesses fail? The answers may surprise you. Have you run out of money and need to look for funding or have no money for marketing? Coach Jaynine shares resources that you may not have heard about such as cloud funding and peer to peer micro-lending as well as free resources that you can use to market your business. She also discusses why you need passive income and shares her strategies on how you can create passive income in a day. Coach Jaynine also provides you free online resources that you can use to conduct your market analysis and why you need to listen to what your customers want. Listening may be the difference between keep the doors open and the lights on and the alternative of posting an out of business sign. This episode is packed with free resources you can use to grow your business as well as strategies that will help you be seen as the expert in your industry. You do not need to go broke while growing your business. You can run a successful business by staying focused and managing your time and using free online and offline strategies. Listen and learn so you can grow your business too.

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