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Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Deer Killin’ with Wounded Warrior and Son

Former Sargent Billy Deen and his 13-year-old son Hunter “Dead Eye” Deen participated on a Wounded Warrior deer hunt where Hunter harvested his first deer with a CVA Electra muzzleloading rifle. More veterans’ programs are discussed with Chris Chaffin of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Hovey was pleased to host returning veteran Sgt. Billy Deen and is son Hunter on a weekend deer hunt n Central Georgia. The Deens reside near Columbus and arrived in time to be checked out with the rifles and put on stand for an evening’s hunt. Just before dark a 5-point buck stepped into the field some 200-yards away and made it way towards the blind.

After some confusing moments with the unfamiliar rifle waiting for it recharge while the deer was walking away and becoming increasingly obscured by some branches, Sgt. Deen coached his son to be patient and shoot when the deer was in a clear spot. Then Hunter pulled the trigger and nothing happened – safety on. After that was corrected he again lined up the crosshairs on the shoulder and nailed the buck with a center-shoulder shot delivered at 40 yards.

He watched as his deer ran, and then collapsed at the edge of the field. The father and son walk up to the deer was recorded on as Hunter was still trying to calm down from the exciting happenings a few minutes before.

This show includes not only the details of the hunt, but also the processing of the deer and making custom-crafted sausage. Hovey continues his attempts to take a deer with a Cabela’s Buffalo percussion revolver after using it to shoot five squirrels for a mess of squirrel dumplings.

Chris Chaffin of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, joins the program to tell about other hunting opportunities available to injured veterans who may be severely paralyzed and relates an example of a recent hunt.

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