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Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon

Naturally Vibrant Living – Can Greater Knowledge Lead to Protection? – Appreciating Our Co-Inhabitants

It’s been written that greater empathy can lead us to want to help others. How does this relate to our world – and, more specifically, to our environment? What about wildlife, true co-inhabitants of our world? Are they truly “dumb” animals – and is it truly a dog-eat-dog world? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Jonathon Balcombe, an Ethologist and Biologist, as well as author of The Exultant Ark. Dr. Balcombe shares some fascinating research with us, teaching us that the inner lives and social bonds of animals may be much richer than we have allowed ourselves to realize. The richness of our world and its inhabitants should inspire us to do more to protect it – and them.