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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – EASY EVERYDAY ETIQUETTE

Is it ever OK to talk on the phone at dinner? Is there a wrong way to butter your bread? Should you tip the hairdresser if she owns the salon? And just how to tell someone they have bad breath? Whether you’re headed to a holiday party or a business luncheon, taking your pet to the groomer or taking a call from your mother, potentially sticky situations can arise. How do you deal with them? By understanding a few basic guidelines and social graces, even the most embarrassing situation may be addressed with grace and discretion. This week, Deanne Marie answers listeners’ questions about topics ranging from talking on the phone during dinner to tipping for poor service, and provides basic rules for handling technology as well as good table manners in a variety of situations. Plus, get tips on getting three kinds of help with your holiday entertaining.