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The Learning Curve – A Declaration of Educational Independence

Today on The Learning Curve with Roger and Virginia we have the return of Linda Dobson, author of The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child, and eight other books on helping your child’s education.

Linda has a treasure trove of information on her website:

Linda has been a columnist with Home Education Magazine “forever,” and was the first “Early Years” advisor for She also participated with Barnes and Noble University on these issues.

Hear Linda address such issues as:

Using “flow” in your family learning plan.

What are the health benefits of home schooling?

Are fluorescent lights contributing to our kids’ ASHD?

Did you know you can save time by home-schooling?

A declaration of Educational Independence!

And much, much more

We use the word “sovereign” in our conversation with Linda: by that we mean, having the child in charge of its interests and having a correct level of free choice. We also refer to this as “being at cause”—this as compared to being constantly held at effect or at the receiving end of a teachers dictates.

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