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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – First Steps for Thanksgiving


This week Tommy turns his focus onto Thanksgiving. His guests this week are his partners Dan and Mary Halfman. The trio discusses some great products for the feast at a discount on our website We go into new and traditional ideas for hors d’ouvres, side dishes, Turkeys, desserts and finally wines. This is the first of our 3 part series. One of the most satisfying experiences we have had a gastrotommy has been hearing our audience discuss how they are buying the products we have recommended and are blown away. Total Satisfaction!
We have talked about each of these products on past shows.
They are La Quercia, Murray’s Cheese, and Rushing Waters. The message is spreading.
It’s time for our radio audience to check out Our membership is only $20 for the year. Great for the holidays.
In the interview, we discuss the relevance of organic, hormone free meats. We discuss what it is like to buy the products that the best restaurants around the country are purchasing.
The show is a fun conversation between friends.
Sure hope you join in.