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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Interview With Anup Desai, One of The Organizers and Press Spokesman for Occupy Wall Street in Zuccati Park, New York City. What does OTW think of Business, Unions, the Constitution, Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Ambitions, Israel, Goldman Sachs, Education, the Violence of Some OTW Gatherings, and a Host of Other Issues? Anup Voted For Obama in 08–Would He Again?

This is one of the longest, perhaps the most extended and in-depth interviews to date by virtually any media source with a real OTW spokesman.You will find this candid conversation between rancher/author Reid on the Right, and well traveled, Ass. Professor Anup on the Left, fascinating, thought provoking–and surprising! Despite the obvious and expected divergence in some viewpoints between the experienced, pragmatic right leaning mind, and the young, idealistic, hopeful left leaning brain, you will be astounded at the commonalities in many of their thoughts on government, government waste, graft, corruption, campaign reform and individual empowerment versus the nanny state. If the goal is a better, more successful America, and a more stable planet–the question is what does that mean, and how do we achieve the result? Join Reid and discover–unfiltered by mainstream media hype–the thoughts of certain of those you may consider to be “the other side”.