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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Happily Unmarried: Why 10 Million US Couples Live Together and Love It

To marry or not to marry?  Over 10-million U.S. couples choose cohabitation.  Throughout this episode, you’ll discover what makes live-in relationships thrive or fail as host Hadley Finch, founder of dating sites Tribe of Singles and Tribe of Couples, chats with Dr. John Curtis, founder of and author of Happily Un-Married: Living Together and Loving It.

For the first time in US history, there are more single than married adults.  A survey by 21st Century Reality shows that over 10 million couples of all ages are choosing to live together instead of marry.  As we become a cohabitation nation, how does this trend affect dating singles seeking great love?  And how can couples create a live-in relationship built to last?  If a relationship isn’t “til death” then what is the time limit…?

Get answers as host, Hadley Finch chats with couples counselor, Dr. John Curtis.  Tune in to hear:

  • New reasons couples cohabitate today compared to the ’60’s when this trend began.
  • How to deepen intimacy and sustain an active sex life.
  • How to gain a loving partner without losing yourself in a relationship.
  • How individuals merge “mindstyles” to create a successful partnership.
  • The greatest killer of romance and two ways to avoid it.
  • Why you need a co-habitation contract before you move in together (claim your free contract at
  • How to develop the top two qualities found in every great relationship.
  • How to use the business model for romantic success.
  • Why marriage contracts should be renewable when cohabitating couples marry.

Get ready to strengthen a budding romance or long-term relationship as Hadley Finch and Dr. John Curtis, author of Happily Un-Married: Living Together And Loving It, share success secrets that spark A Lasting Love with your partner.

Get the red-hot love life you deserve!  Tune in now.  You and your partner won’t regret it.