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Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon

Naturally Vibrant Living – How the Health of Our Oceans Affects Us – How are They Doing?

When we’ve heard information about the state of our environment, a lot of the information focuses on our forests, air, climate, etc. What about the health of our oceans? How are our oceans doing – and how does the condition of our oceans ultimately affect us as humans? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Peter Sale, Professor Emeritus at University of Windsor and Assistant Director of Institute for Water, Environment, and Health at United Nations University, as well as author of Our Dying Planet. Dr. Sale is an Ecologist who specializes in the study of coral reefs and oceans and has some startling information to share with us. Our oceans do affect us in ways you may not have anticipated, and so do coral reefs.