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Preserving America

Preserving America – From Occupy to Change

Thus far, with the exception of the day the public moved some money from the big banks to local ones, the occupy Wall St. movement has contented itself with protests of little significance in terms of bringing about real change. While the movement is yet young and difficult to judge, it nonetheless has not spurred the kind of action which will bring about a more egalitarian economy and democracy. To do that, the occupiers will need to focus on specific goals and the means to accomplish those goals. In this program, Dr. Porter offers an agenda of five goals and a means of achieving them. If the American people–indeed peoples around the world–truly wish to bring about change, they will have to do in whole or part what Dr. Porter is suggesting here. Please listen to this blueprint for real change and comment on it on Dr. Porter’s Facebook page (Dr. Steven Porter). We can use webtalk radio and the social media to accomplish the results which so many millions of “common folk” seek. Let’s start here, with this program.