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Single Mom Talk Radio – Parenting: Why Manners Matters

Progressive private schools across the country are adding etiquette to their curriculum. Good Morning America is airing features on teaching etiquette to children. But one single mom has asked me if it’s worth the effort. “Is it really important?” she said. “Is it worth the daily struggle and endless corrections it takes to teach good manners?”
Today’s guest, etiquette consultant and columnist Irma Vorbeck, answers YES. She explains, “Etiquette is the glue that holds a child’s education together. Without it, your children will flounder.”
Strong words indeed—but words Irma backs up with history. George Washington, for example, overcame his humble background (including being raised by a single mother) through superb etiquette. (
However, we’ll get current, too. On today’s show we’ll touch upon the challenges of teaching manners and the reasons they’re just as important now as in the past. Besides giving children increased self-confidence and social poise, etiquette will help them build constructive friendships. “Like attracts like,” and if you take the time to teach your children to respect others, they won’t choose friends who are disrespectful.
But you don’t have to go it alone. For the busy single mom, Irma suggests enrolling children in a local etiquette program. And program host Julia describes the totally silly, but effective, game she invented that resulted in perfect table manners for her son. (No kidding!)
You’ll also discover how etiquette rules go way beyond saying “please” and “thank you” and using your fork properly. Etiquette is the foundation of how people relate to each other, and your children can’t be truly successful without it.
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