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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE THANKSGIVING

If the thought of preparing a traditional turkey-and-all-the-trimmings meal this holiday season scares you, you’re not alone. Millions of us hope to live up to the expectations of hungry guests, each of whom has his or her own idea of what the perfect Thanksgiving should be. But with a little help from professional chef Michelle Morgando, home chefs can discover the secret to a perfectly-browned turkey, the key to silky (not lumpy) gravy and what dishes may be made ahead to keep the stress level to a minimum on Thanksgiving Day. After all, you want to enjoy your party, too! Plus, find out how to serve all the food warm (not a cold dish in sight!) and why the turkey needs to rest a bit between the oven and the table … it’s a delicious secret. Also this week, the Holiday Entertaining Tip gives you ideas on staying organized and on time for your holiday event.