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Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

The Learning Curve – 25% of College Freshmen Don’t Return For Their Sophomore Year, 64% Don’t Graduate in 4 Years and nearly 40% take 7 or More Years or Don’t Graduate at All . . . Will You (or Your Child) be One of Them?

This week’s Learning Curve with Roger & Virginia is about preparing for college and doing well when there.

Our guest is Dr. Robert Neuman, the retired Dean of Marquette University and author of: Are You Really Ready for College? (

Hear Dr. Neuman reveal the fact that good grades in High School do not guarantee good grades in college? No! — College takes personal skills as well as smarts. Students who don’t have the skills or who are not properly prepared have trouble. It is high school graduates with excellent grades that comprise the failure statistics cited above in our headline.

Parents, you need this information so you can avoid the financial strain of incurring the extra cost of the added years your child will take to graduate because of not really being ready for college.

Students, you need this information so that you arrive at college able to win at it and get the best results you deserve.

Did you know the US ranks only number 14 in the world for the percent of students who complete college? You don’t want to part of that sad stat!

Find out about the difference between passive and active learning, and why active learning is important in college.

Roger & Virginia at The Learning Curve — Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension —